Our Privacy And Security Principles

Protecting our clients' privacy and security is one of our most important responsibilities towards them, privacy is  a very important factor in light of the advancement of technology and increasing security needs. The following principles are the cornerstone on which we rely in our dealings with our clients to keep their data and information safe and private. 

  1. Respect for our clients and respect their privacy. 

    We believe that these ideas are closely linked and together represent the essence of everything we have achieved from day one and everything we will accomplish in the future. When people use our services, they trust us with their information, so it is our services, they trust us with their information, so it is our duty to respect that trust. This means always paying attention to the data we use, how we use and protect it. 

  2. Understand the data type collected and purpose. 

    We clearly explain to our clients what data we collect, how it is used and for what purpose. Transparency means that information is clearly available at any time to help our clients make decisions based on it. 

  3. Don't sell our clients information personally to any side at all.

  4. Developing security standards on our website for everyone to be a role model.