Our Strategic Partner

Al Dawli And Partners:

Al Dawli & Partners is a Kuwaiti company, established in 2014, we are one of the best offices in Kuwait that provide a range of services in the field of administrative, financial and economic consulting. The company is managed by group of expertise who have provided their services for more than 400 clients during 10 years in the field of financial to include all sectors inside Kuwait.

Some of services provided by Al Dawli And Partners:

  1. Preparing and providing Financial and Economical Analysis. 

  2. Setting up long term and medium term work plans for raising their productivity. 

  3. Setting forth the basic plans and concepts in the investment risk management. 

  4. Providing suitable consultancy as per the highest professional standards.

  5. Providing training and rehabilitation services in the accounting, auditing and financial.

  6. External audit services.

Al-Dawli & Partners is proud to be a distinguished member of AGN International, a prestigious global association of independent accounting and advisory firms. Since joining AGN International in October 2023, we have strengthened our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients on an international scale.

Through our membership with AGN International, we have gained access to a vast network of highly reputable firms across the globe. This affiliation enables us to deliver comprehensive solutions and expert insights to our clients, no matter where their business interests may lie. Our international approach, coupled with AGN International's resources and support, allows us to navigate the complexities of today's global marketplace with confidence and efficiency.

At Al-Dawli & Partners, we understand the importance of building strong relationships and fostering trust with our clients. By aligning ourselves with AGN International, we demonstrate our dedication to delivering excellence and achieving exceptional results for our clients worldwide.

Al-Dawli & Partners honored to be associated with AGN International and look forward to leveraging this partnership to continue serving our clients with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.